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Inexpensive hotel in Dinard


The HOTEL BALMORAL : Your inexpensive hotel in Dinard.

A Signiture 3 Star in the Heart of Dinard

In the heart of the Emerald Coast, near the “Lock” beach, Casino, and Clair de Lune promenade, arises, like the bow of a ship peaking through the vast ocean, one of the oldest building of the city, the Comfort Hotel Dinard Balmoral.

Built in 1900, with the seaside in mind, and emphasized by it’s elegantly curved architecture and magnificent façade, the Hotel Balmoral dominates the corner of Dr. Badin and Maréchal Leclerc and also offers very appreciated underground parking.

Benefiting from the bourgeois and majestic freestone buildings nearby, which are famous and only add to the beautiful days in Dinard, the Hotel Balmoral, completely renovated in 2008, welcomes you to a hotel with a modern and elegant decor. Its sleek and practical design emphasizes practicality and friendliness, which is well known in Dinard. The hotel, being steeped in history, has been built with the seaside in mind, leaving a feeling of tranquility and openness, allowing for a marine setting to come alive.

More than having just a prime location, the Hotel Balmoral Dinard, open all year round, is a place dedicated to your comfort: 29 air conditioned rooms, all with double-glazed windows (two of which are accessible to persons in wheelchairs), free WiFi, great facilities and underground parking.

These attributes, alongside the unique Breton identity of the region and the multilingual staff, demonstrate the Hotel Balmoral’s commitment to high quality and distinguish our brand. Hospitality, enthusiasm, readiness, and generosity are at the heart of the dedication and commitment of the Hotel Balmoral Dinard. With the melody of the soft crashing waves along the seaside, your stay will truly be unforgettable…