Dinard activities

DINARD in Bretagne invites you for discovery !

Bretagne is not the wettest region in the country !
Obviously, the weather is nice there.

It is raining during your stay in Dinard ? Here are some ideas of activities you might do :

What about wearing a nice jacket and boots ? You want to get out but you don’t have any ? Then you can go for a shopping !
Go fishing on foot. Fishing is much better, and likely more successful in rainy weather !
Have a good beer in Bretagne ! Enjoy a good crepe, a cake, a kouign Amann or a Breton Cake !
Play games (les palets, la toupie ar faou, le birinig …), make tank with veil or go for a scuba diving (char à voile, longe-côte & la plongée)

In short, there is always something to do in Bretagne !

The Beaches of Dinard

  • l’Ecluse beach (Plage de l’Ecluse)
  • Prieuré beach (Plage Du Prieuré)
  • Saint Enogat beach (Plage de Saint Enogat)
  • Port Blanc beach (Plage de Port Blanc)

To view webcams of the beaches, click here

Pointe de la Malouine

Pointe de la Malouine is bordered by the east face of l’Ecluse beach.

The nautical activities of Dinard

The boating of Saint-Malo

Depart from Dinard : Dinan by the Rance river, the Chausey archipelago, Cap Fréhel and Fort Lalatte, Corsaire bay, pêche en mer, Cancale bay – the Grouin point, Cézembre island …
Bus from Dinard̀ to Saint-Malo (every ten minutes) during high season.
Cruises on the Rance from the dam of the Rance between Dinard and Saint-Malo

Cruise aboard the Chateaubriand at the heart of the Valley of Rance!
Cruise departs at 1:30 am to 3 am.
Kayak location at the Saint Enogat
Beach Land sailing at Hirel
Surfing at Longchamp beach between Saint Briac and Saint Lunaire

Jet skiing and flyboarding at Saint-Malo
Rigid-hulled inflatable boats located in Dinard
Swimming at the dike of the Dinard Lock, pool 50m x 17,50m, children’s pool, Fitness center (sauna and jacuzzi)

The Dinard Underwater Diving Club

The Sports Activities of Dinard

• The Dinard Golf Course :
The Dinard Golf Course is the second largest 18-hole golf course in France.

• Horse riding : Dinard Emeraude Equitation :
The equestrian stadium of Dinard is unique in Europe! Pony riding, horse riding…

• Karting at Saint-Malo :
Locations for Karting for children and adults.

• Tennis and Squash in Dinard :
15 tennis courts (8 outdoors, 4 indoors)
Two squash courts

• Hiking :
– Cycling Starting in Dinard you will find 5 bike trails (65km)
– Walking Trails GR 34: discover the landscapes of the Emerald Coast Dinard.

The Cultural Activities of Dinard

• Casino :
The Casino is only two steps away from the Hotel Dinard BALMORAL ! Slot machines, poker, roulette…

• Cinema :
The cinema Les 2 Alizés, which is situated in the centre of Dinard, has two large rooms. The Dinard Cinema shows not only current films but also pre-released films.

• Art Gallery :
The city of Dinard has numerous art galleries. Don’t hesitate to visit any one of them !

• Markets :
Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, enjoy the local Dinard market! Feel free to join them at the Esplanade des Halles.

• Halles :
The Halles are located five minutes from the hotel by foot. Open every day during the school breaks and closed every Monday during other times.

• The Rance Dam of Dinard :
Visit the Rance Dam! Where you can discover its technical aspects and its impact on the environment.
Enjoy this unique industrial heritage site and immerse yourself in the world of energy.

• Bowling & Billiards
West Bowling offers 16 lanes, billiard tables and games. Only a five minute car ride from the hotel !

Cities and Towns nearby :

• Saint-Lunaire :
Pointe du Décollé (view over the Bay, from Cap Frehel to St Malo), Pointe du Nick (sentier des douaniers).

• Saint-Briac-Sur-Mer :
Le Chateau du Nessay was built on an emplacement of a castle originating from the 12th century. During the French Revolution, it was used as a prison, to hold political prisoners.

• Saint-Malo à 11 Km :
Saint-Malo, which is named after a Welsh monk Mac Lowil, experienced all tensions possible between France and the Duchy of Brittany to which she belonged, before being fully integrated into the Kingdom of France in 1488.

Resolutely independent and proud of its monumentally high, fortified rock, which was proclaimed as the Republic of Saint-Malo in 1590 (and remained so for 4 years!), derives its wealth from the discovery of the Americas, including Canada by Jacques Cartier, and also his brave merchants.

With over 80% destroyed by the allied bombing during WWII, Saint-Malo was rebuilt by its native Malouins who wanted to preserve their traditional style and historical spirit! Who would guess that Chateaubriand, the child of Saint-Malo, would be buried on the rock of the Great Bé, accessible by foot only why the tide goes down? No one.

But it is a certainty that he would be happy to return today to discover the streets of the walled corsair town, with magnificent forts, and a New Worlds Museum, a Grand Aquarium—for a city with the highest tides in Europe is absolutely timeless…

• Cancale à 21 km :
Canale is appreciated as the birthplace of the exceptional boat, which is very appreciated by fisheries in Canada’s Newfoundland, the Bisquine, and also it is known for its natural wild oyster beds of which 80% were lost to the extremely cold winter of 1963.

Today, as modern oyster farming has taken over, it is possible to visit the Marine Farm, located on Corniche Road, to explore the oyster of Cancale and their valuable hollow shells. At their famous beach, breathtaking beauty remains indescribable as you discover the richness of the preserved ecosystem, its quick sand, and especially its famous abbey of Mount St. Michel.

Later on, you will be surprised by the number of islands that grace the coastline to Cancale as they are both rare and beautiful. Embark on journey to discover this bay with the island of Rimains, the Speaking Rock, and the Daughters Strike, and so much more. On your journey, you also have the possibility to see dolphins, the beautiful Egret bird species, and many other rare and fantastic animals.

• Dinan à 23 km :
Starting in Dinard by boat, you can catch sight of the Tidal Power Plant, located in the Rance estuary between Saint-Malo and La Richardais and Concue that produces electricity which is powered by the strong tides of the estuary.

After the dam and through the locks and bridges, you will find Chateau brinds Saint Hubert then the lock of Chatelier. Next, in this green paradise, you will be able to catch amazing sightseeing gems such as the Moulin du Prat, Léhon, etc., which overlook a small harbour 75m above amazing 3 km ramparts pierced by four monumental gates which are guarded by 14 watch towers! Here, you have arrived at the kingdom of Ducke John IV which can still be admired with its impressive tower in one of the most beautiful medieval cities in France: Dinan!

Lastly, and not to be missed: a visit to the castle near the Dinan tourist office and the Gallo-Roman villa Quiou.

• Le Fort La Latte et Cap Fréhel à 41 km